Using SEO: Tell Google What Your Website Is About

Having your website show up in search engines is an important way to get people to visit it.

In my first post about search engine optimization, also known as SEO, we discussed the basic mechanics of search engines such as Google. Then, we went over concepts for gaining visibility on them. One of these was content optimization, which was compared to placing a sign on our website for search engines to see and read.

Now let’s dig deeper into this.

Without SEO, Nobody Can Find Your Website

Optimizing your website so it shows up in search engines, otherwise known as SEO, has been written about often. That said, it can be tough to find good, basic information if you are just starting out as I discovered recently.

I’ve been working on a new website for Sara, whose background is in music rather than technology. A few days ago, I brought up the topic of SEO and how she needed to optimize the content on her website and begin link building. We discussed why these were important and how, if she did them well, people would start coming to her website. That’s when the real fun began.