Remembering Together: Our Collective Desire To Connect Through A Common Experience

It’s interesting to watch how people react to a major news event. We reach out. We tell stories. We try to connect through a common experience.

Most recently, this can be seen with the passing of Steve Jobs, though it happens all the time. Events like September 11th, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the assassination of JFK all form pointed moments that everyone alive at the time experienced. Often, these even cross physical, political, and cultural boundaries.

But, why are these tied so strongly to our desire to connect with other people?

Rethinking Customer Service: Why Innovation Isn’t Only Needed On The Cutting-Edge

Bad customer service. We’ve all experienced it. The problem has become so commonplace that we willingly accept it, and what’s worse is that many companies have too.

Many frustrating customer service stories begin with a phone call:

  • “I called to ask a question about my bill and couldn’t find a way to speak with a human.”
  • “My internet was down, and I spent over an hour on hold, only to be told to contact my computer manufacturer.”
  • “I just wanted to change my address, but my call got transferred to four different people.”

Poor service isn’t just limited to phone calls. Online chat, email, even face-to-face conversations can all be a nightmare. Normally, such a large problem would have businesses and entrepreneurs working on a fix. Yet, where are the innovators in customer service?